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Karni Mata Pendant

Karni Mata Pendant

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Experience the rich cultural heritage of India with our Karni Mata Pendants. Made from authentic Indian fabric, each pendant is a unique piece of art. Choose your preferred shape and let us surprise you with a beautiful pattern. Show off your individual style with our handcrafted pendants.

This statement piece features a double face design, with one side adorned with golden silk thread and the other with fuchsia silk thread. 

 Expertly crafted and sure to turn heads, these pendants are the perfect addition to your jewelry collection.

This collection is made with a superb quality metal alloy that contains silver, copper and tin (lead-free). The chain is stainless steel. 

What does Karni Mata mean?

Karni Mata is a Hindu Goddess of power and victory described as a warrior sage,who lived between the 14th and 16th centuries Western Rajastan. The spiritual importance of the symbol of Karni Mata is that of non violence, protector, peaceful coexistance and provider of the power & legitimacy to the Rajputs. One of the most revered deities of Rajputs is Karni Mata, whom many Rajput clans worship as their family goddess and link their community’s existence or survival in dire times.

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