Collection: “A POEM ABOUT REBIRTH” F/W 22-23


Dried flower between two pieces of glass
When a flower is dried out it seems to lose its soft pedals and aromas. It loses its lively flexibility and fancy colors. It seems like life’s withdrawn from it, it appears like an empty vessel. And yet this form encloses Beauty. A Beauty Otherworldly and Harmonious. This aspect of the flower is poetic. The flower’s carcass is then embraced by clear transparent glass forming a perfect relationship. The impermanent and delicate nature of the flower has been transformed into Immortal and Timeless. And now this blossom, humble between two pieces of glass, recites a poem. “I gave away all that has limited me. I offered the known, the lesser and the fleeting. I depart from Fear and Strength I gain. I put the intention to Remember that I’m a Greater Creature from that which they have taught me to be. Now. I am. Eternal.” 🥀